Foxbit Custom Apps.

The app industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and creating entire businesses from single applications. The core of this booming industry is nimble development. Foxbit's efficient development allows for agile adjustments and lean start up.

Businesses can take advantage of unique marketing & analytic opportunities to enhance customer experiences, and fuel growth. By being able to instantly deliver push notifications, your business can effectively communicate with customers. Detailed analytics allow you to measure exactly how customers interact with your digital services & marketing, enabling your business to rapidly refine its strategy. Enterprise apps can help improve productivity like never before with custom internal solutions tailored to your organizations needs. 

Let Foxbit make your Quick, Clever App.

We are experienced in iOS, Android, and macOS, as well as Website & database integration. Foxbit is based in southern Manitoba, and all development is in house for total quality control. To learn more about what Foxbit can do for you, please contact us.


Got an idea for a new app? Contact us for development or partnership info.